Happy new year! Let’s plan your next 90 days?

Happy New Year! In Brazil, there’s this saying new year starts only after the carnival is over! : star:


Let’s start analyzing your new year’s resolutions. Yes, the ones you made before kissing someone: how are they? Were they buried in the snow by 00:02?

Not under my watch!

I wrote a ebook called Planning, a sweet habit!. It’s free for download and you learn how to plan something great you want for your life in two ways: chaotic way and table way. But here we’ll plan your next 90 days.

What can be done in 90 days?

  • Loose 12kg (more or less 26 pounds)
  • Save $1000
  • Meditate every day
  • Decrease the amount of sweets you eat
  • Start physical activity twice a week
  • Read 6 books

A lot can be done in 90 days. You need to review all those resolutions you made and choose one to accomplish. If it seems too big for you, try breaking it into several smaller parts for you to do each part in every 90 days. Everything goes through a change. Let’s go! 🙂

Planning your next 90 days

To plan those 90 days, you need to know:

  • Period of days that goes through these 90 days
  • Mark checkpoint every 30 days
  • Set monthly goals
  • Set weekly goals

I’ll plan as an example the losing weight to exemplify. From the day I’m posting this blog post plus 90 days results in 11/06: my 90 days are from 13/03 to 11/06.

So, my checkpoints are 12/04, 12/05 and 11/06. If I want to loose 12kg, roughly 26 pounds,  in 90 days is 4kg/8 pounds every 30 days: defined monthly goals.

Now, I know my weekly goal is 1kg/2 pounds.

Setting weekly actions

The question remaining now is: what actions do you have to take to achieve your weekly goal? All you need to think about now is what you need to do, buy or protect yourself from to hit that weekly goal. The most important thing is to identify your closest enemies and have at hand a quick plan on how to bypass them.

In our example: lose 1kg/2 pounds per week. What will my meals be? How often do I go to work out? What scale will weigh me weekly? What’s my weekly grocery list? What commemoration will I be making in completing my weekly goal?

And that’s it! Is not it simple to hit small weekly goals? Success is a sequence of obvious small actions. Think about it.


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